Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Engagement Party Table Centerpiece

When my sister got engaged and decided to host a party, she knew it would have to be done on a budget. She wanted a special centerpiece to put at every table, and decided to save money by making them herself (with our help).  The design and creative work was a collaborative effort of myself, my sister, and our mom. The first thing she found were the oversized "diamond rings" and we designed around that. We found some unfinished boxes that we could paint the colors of her choice, then lined it with satin fabric and added the "diamond ring". We finally fitted the box with a small floral light which was positioned to shine on the diamond. The effect was spectacular!  The diamond reflected the light and the whole centerpiece sparkled! The room was filled with these sparkling centerpieces and it had the glamorous, expensive look without the price!

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  1. Quick question, I'm looking to do the same thing for my brother's engagement party but I'm having a hard time finding the enlarged rings. Where did you purchase them?